Hooray for Pickle - STICKER

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Hooray for Pickle was made for those that call Gherkins, Pickles and also because Pickle is a funnier saying word the story is the same......Hooray for Gherkin (pickle) has a funny story. My daughter knocked her two front teeth a few months back and since then they have been wobbly. She lost one a few weeks ago and this other one did not want to vacate. It was hanging on by a gum thread. Flapping in the wind when she talked. The other day she was eating lunch and she was eating her gherkin. Yes she loves them. And I hear a "Mum!! my tooth fell out" turns out while she was eating the gherkin she munched down and it got stuck in the gherkin and came right out. And because she's a funny kid she said "hooray for Gherkin"  and I just thought that was too good of a quote to not draw. So that's how "hooray for Gherkin" was born. Keep and eye out because we have huge plans for Mr Gherkin here.

You can place them on your laptop, notebooks, ipads, fridge, mood boards or decorate your office space, inside a clear phone case, the options are endless. 

  • Measurement: approx 2-5cm x 7cm
  • Premium vinyl Matte sticker paper
  • These are not waterproof
  • 100gsm
  • sticker backing is 100% recyclable 

All stickers are hand drawn by me on an ipad, printed and cut at home.