Treasure & Dirt by Chris Hammer Review

Treasure & Dirt by Chris Hammer Review

Four stars because it was a decent read, but not one of those great reads.

Set in the outback mining town in Australia, an opal miner is found dead and crucified in his mine. A homicide Detective Ivan Lucic is sent to investigate. I love a good murder mystery and I love trying to figure out who it is, and eagerly waiting for the mystery to be solved. This book kinda did that. I found the characters hard to follow, so I actually had no idea who could be the murder, there were also quite a few different story lines with twists and turns solving a few different long secrets from the small town. Once the crime was solved I wanted to get to the end but it just didn't satisfy the mystery with me.

I think this is a good book, I just didn't love it. It must have been somewhat good to read because I finished it. I actually don't have much more to say about this book, I read it but nothing really stuck out for me to desperately write a review.

It's a well written book and was recommended by QBD as their book of the month. I might try one of his other books to see if it was just this book or maybe it was me not getting into this story as much as I should have.

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