The 22 Murders of Madison May - Review

The 22 Murders of Madison May - Review

Genre: Mystery Thriller. Science Fiction. Time Travel. Crime.
Setting: New York
Publish 6 July 2021
Pages: 336

Loved!!! this book. 

The time travel concept in this book was so good and well written.  I loved the idea that there is only certain times that you can travel between worlds and that you can only move forwards. The thing that got me thinking the most was that there is only one of you. You exists in multiple parallel worlds but if you travel into one you already exist, that version of you no longer exists, even if you move onto another world. 

Clay Hors is obsessed with Madison May.  The Madison he saw and fell in love with in one world.  But for every world he goes, if the Madison is not like the one he fell in love with, he kills her. The moves worlds.

Felicity accidentally stumbles into a new world.  She had no idea she time travelled.  Once she figures out what is going on, she makes it her mission to try and save a Madison and kill Clay.

Hugo has his own reasons for wanting to kill clay. Clay murdered his wife in world and makes sure she continues to be dead in every world him and Hugo travel to. Hugo is trying to stop Clay to save his wife. 

I loved reading this book. I can see it being a movie

5 Stars